'Fuelling' mixology and innovation trough old and new fashioned cocktail art.

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A Spirits & Liqueurs lab focused on fuelling mixology and innovation trough both old and new fashioned cocktail art. Importing exclusively brands that will add on and raise the game on any concatenation in the new generation of Portuguese bars.  



Our main goal will be always to make people not feel intimidated by anything around them, to be engaged in what the bartender is doing, and to have things that surprise them and excite them about drinks. We want our partners to create drinks that will make their customers to be wowed by what 's in the glass...and not distracted by the theatre.


Represent, import and stock Premium brands that are inaccessible locally. 


Promote interchange between bars and bartenders on our marketing and social intervention, trough workshops and gatherings.


Reinvent together with our partners mixology where national spirits & liqueurs are present with meaning not forced into barware.


Have fun doing something well that will help the others develop and deliver the best experiences possible to their pairs, and customers.  


“Bringing it Back Bar : Vermouth DOLIN ”

Bruno Ferrer  |  Co-Founder
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History of Dolin Vermouth 

Across the Alps in Chambéry, Maison Dolin is riding the vermouth wave with strong backbar cred as the original vermouth blanc.Joseph Chavasse started the still-family-owned company in 1815 after traveling across the historic Savoy Kingdom to Turin, where he became acquainted with the burgeoning vermouth scene. Inspired, he opened up shop in Chambéry and began selling his more herbal, blanc version of vermouth. By 1900, Chavasses’s vermouth blanc had established a new global standard, winning a medal at the World’s Fair, influencing the creation of Italian vermouth bianco and, in 1934, prompting France to create an official AOC for Vermouth de Chambéry.

“I think it’s in the blood of this family to make vermouth.” Said Pierre-Olivier Rousseaux.